Call for Artists - 2019 The Little Match Girl Passion

Exhibition Dates - November 15 & 16, 2019 / MINT @ The MET

Applications Due - July 30, 2019 by 11:59 pm

Application Fee - $15
Artist notified - August 5, 2019
Installation - November 11-12 / MINT @ The MET
Events - November 15 @ 7pm; November 16 @ 7pm / MINT @ The MET
W.A.G.E. stipend of $250 paid to participating artists via PayPal on November 18, 2019
De-Install - November 19-20 / MINT @ The MET

MINT joins nationally-renowned chamber ensemble Kinnara for a multimedia experience - a mix of visual and performing arts - a unique five-person performance of David Lang’s Pulitzer Prize-winning work, The Little Match Girl Passion.

The Little Match Girl Passion is a musical composition by David Lang, based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, "The Little Match Girl". It is influenced by Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and won the Pulitzer Prize. It premiered at Carnegie Hall in 2007. In his program note, David Lang writes:

What drew me to The Little Match Girl is that the strength of the story lies not in its plot but in the fact that all its parts—the horror and the beauty—are constantly suffused with their opposites. The girl's bitter present is locked together with the sweetness of her past memories; her poverty is always suffused with her hopefulness. There is a kind of naive equilibrium between suffering and hope .... My piece is called "The Little Match Girl Passion" and it sets Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Little Match Girl" in the format of Bach's "Saint Matthew Passion," interspersing Andersen's narrative with my versions of the crowd and character responses from Bach's Passion. The text is by me, after texts by Han Christian Andersen, H. P. Paulli (the first translator of the story into English, in 1872), Picander (the nom de plume of Christian Friedrich Henrici, the librettist of Bach's Saint Matthew Passion), and the Gospel according to Saint Matthew. The word passion comes from the Latin word for suffering. There is no Bach in my piece and there is no Jesus—rather the suffering of the Little Match Girl has been substituted for Jesus's, elevating (I hope) her sorrow to a higher plane.

Musical artists for these performances are:
Margot Rood, soprano
Wanda Yang Temko, alto
Cory Klose, tenor
Steven Berlanga, bass
Caleb Herron, percussion

Presented in collaboration with Kinnara and sponsored in full by Mailchimp, donations collected at these two events will be presented to The Atlanta Children’s Shelter.

Each artist will be paid a stipend of $250 per W.A.G.E.-Certification guidelines for their participation in a small group exhibition. Artists will be assisted with their installation by MINTerns and staff.

Art will be presented in the raw space at MINT @ The MET for viewing for an hour prior to the performance of The Little Match Girl Passion (approximately 35 minutes of music) with a reception to immediately follow both evenings.

Works submitted should follow themes of the musical work (libretto/text and music score found here), addressing homelessness, social issues, poverty, etc.

You will not be able to access/edit your application once it has been submitted. You will also need to be prepared to submit a link to a Google Drive Folder with 3-5 examples of your work (current examples should have at least one example of subject matter to be exhibited). Works may be any medium and the exhibition will feature 14-20 works of art by 1-3 artists.

$15 application fee must be paid via PayPal by clicking here.

Please note that applications WILL NOT be considered submitted until we have received your application fee via PayPal.

Applications are due on July 30, 2019 at 11:59pm. Participant(s) will be announced on or before August 5, 2019. Any questions, comments or concerns should be directed to